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[Sep. 25]The Launch of gTEKKEN 7h

The Launch of "TEKKEN 7"

yStarting Date of "TEKKEN 7" z    
Sep 24th , 2015 (Thu.) from 10:00AM(JST)

yStarting Date of "TEKKEN- NET" z

Oct 6th , 2015 (Wed.) from 11:00AM(JST)

yContents of "TEKKEN-NET" available when playing with "BANAPASSPORT Card"z
Contents available from 24th Sep 10:00AM, 2015
* Ranking Battle recording the results
* Keeping the items and fight money that the player win at daily bonus / treasure box at game server

Contents available from 6th Oct 11:00AM, 2015(JST)
* Setting of the player name
* Development from the obtained design of customized items and use of them
* Ranking and drawing at TEKKEN-NET

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